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  1. Is your dealer an actual factory-authorized service and sales organization?
  2. Does the electronics package include unlimited free “At your dockside” service calls during the manufacturer’s warranty periods?
  3. Does the package include free sea trials and onboard instructions?
  4. Does the dealer understand the package that you are attempting to put together?
  5. Does the dealer provide actual fcc and NMEA-certified electronic technicians on staff for your support?
  6. Does the dealer provide a toll-free number to access “your service” department
  7. Does the package include proper interfacing between all equipment?
  8. Does the package include a transducer and installation?
  9. Does your package include all incidentals like antennas, mounts, flush brackets, fittings, etc. Necessary for a complete and proper installation?
  10. Does your package include all freight charges on equipment?
  11. Does the dealer have parts and equipment in stock to support your service requirements in a simple and timely fashion?
  12. Does your dealer carry proper liability insurance?

These 12 questions should all be answered yes!

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